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Fotona4D® Post-care Instructions

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

After getting a Fotona 4D facelift treatment, it's important to take good care of your skin to maximize the benefits of the treatment. Here are some post-care instructions to follow:

After the session

1. Redness or swelling is normal and expected. To prevent further swelling, sleeping in an upright position on the first night after the treatment is recommended. The first morning post treatment is when swelling is more prevalent, especially under the eyes. The duration of swelling can vary from 2 to 4 days depending on the intensity of the treatment.

2. Avoid salt while swelling is present. Avoid spicy and acidic foods for the first 48 hours.

3. The treated area may be extremely warm for 12-24 hours after the treatment. Cold compresses or ice packs may provide comfort during this time.

4. Do not use exfoliating or acid-based or retinol-like products within one week to prevent further irritation or damage to the skin

5. Avoid scrubbing, scratching, shaving, or peeling your skin.

6. Avoid hot temperatures (hot weather, standing over a stove, tanning salons). Stay out of the sun within 3 days and apply only physical sunscreen with SPF 30 or above until skin is fully healed.

7. Exercise and anything that makes you sweat or flush should be avoided within 5 days.

8. Minimize contact with animals.

Days 2-4

1. Start using the post-procedure kit that we provided after the treatment

2. Cleanse the skin gently twice a day

3. Moisturize as often as needed

4. Apply the sunblock every day

5. You may notice small dark spots and a bronzed appearance on the treated skin as the healing process progresses. For those with heavily pigmented skin or sun damage, the microscopic wounds may contain large amounts of melanin, causing the skin to appear bronzed and some areas to become crusted. It's important not to scratch these areas as they are a natural part of the healing process, where the treated tissue is being replaced by new, fresh skin.

6. Sandpaper texture skin & Peeling Process: During this time, your skin may feel dry and rough, with a sandpaper texture, and eventually begin to flake and peel. If the treatment was on your face, the peeling process can take 5-7 days to complete, while it may take up to 2 weeks for areas treated on the neck, chest, or other parts of the body.

Days 5-7

1. Once the peeling process has finished, your skin will have a rosy, pink glow that will gradually resolve. Your service provider will inform you when and what type of makeup can be used.

2. Itching is common during the healing phase and is completely normal. Oral Benadryl can help relieve itching but can also cause drowsiness. DO NOT scratch the treated area as scarring and pigmentation complications can occur. Please check in with your provider for any additional guidance.

For any concerns or questions, please feel free to text or call us anytime. In case of urgent situations, call 408-410-6182 to talk to the on-call provider.

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