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Eye Treatment: Wrinkles, Sagging Eyelids, Hollow under eyes 

As we age, the skin slowly loses the ability to renew itself. For skin in delicate areas such as under the eyes, it is common to develop lines and wrinkles.

Flawless Eye-lift package offer you a comprehensive treatment that target a set of problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging eyelids and hollow under eyes. It includes 
1. Smooth Eye Treatment: A treatment designed to refresh and rejuvenate, diminishing signs of fatigue and aging.
2. Fractional Eye Wrinkles Removal: Targeted to reduce those fine lines, it ensures every glance is as smooth as your most cherished memories.​


Package Price: $1200 for 2 sessions of Eye Lift + 2 sessions of Smooth Eye  (original price: $1600 for total 4 sessions, 25% off

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